Sound Designing “Love and Information” for Canadian Stage

I shall soon dive into creating the sound design for a play called “Love and Information”, directed by Tanja Jacobs and Alistair Newton for Canadian Stage. I spent many years of my youth passionate about acting and am always thrilled to return to theatre with my music and sound skills.

Performance run at the Berkely Street Theatre in Toronto April 10-29, 2018.

Hailed as one of England’s greatest living playwrights, Caryl Churchill has provoked audiences for over four decades. Told through a theatrically-adventurous medley of short vignettes, Love and Information features an ensemble of actors performing over 100 roles. With an intellectual vigour and dazzling instinct for the absurd, Churchill confronts the data overload that bombards us every day – painting an instantly-recognizable portrait of modern human connection.”


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