Solar Rhythms: Tropic of Sagittarius

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A creative community gathering to acknowledge and celebrate the turning of the seasons. Connecting our urban feet mindfully to the natural forces that influence us at the solstices and equinoxes. Joining our voices, hearts and minds in a safe, sacred space to soulfully meditate, move and play

This ecstatic dance event that celebrates each season with DJ Michael P and me. I’ll be playing cello, didge, flute, and who knows what else, solo and with Michael. He and I are cooking up ideas as to how we can interactively honour the sun’s station in Sagittarius and the element of WATER.

Join us as we creatively acknowledge our connection to nature, even in the big city. We’ll enjoy 2 hours of dancing followed by some social time at beautiful Temple 23  in Liberty VillageToronto. This groovy venue is one of the last of its kind in Toronto. Sadly, this will be the last opportunity to enjoy dancing there before it falls to the developer’s axe in 2018.

A barefoot, alcohol-free, non-verbal dance event.


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