Residency complete

Thanks in part to the Canada Council Explore and Create program, I have completed my 3-month residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island and have composed 12 new pieces. The next part of the plan is to hone my performance for each composition to prepare for recording my second solo album. Once the album recording is complete, it will be time to put together the solo performance. This will also comprise a visual component, which hearkens back to a previous creative chapter of my life. I have finally fully embraced digital photography (and video) after having abandoned a longstanding professional involvement with film photography when the digital age took flight.

The theme pertains to my identity as a dual citizen of both the urban and rural setting — neither a city mouse nor a country mouse, but a lover of elements of each. What more perfect place to soak in both dynamic energies than this beautiful beach off the south edge of Canada’s largest city!

Enjoying the view at my temporary “back yard” close to my Artscape Gibraltar Point studio.

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