Lullaby Project recordings in the can

It sure was fun to be in the studio with a pack of top-notch musicians for The Lullaby Project. The house band comprised Adam Warner (percussion), Christine Bougie (guitar), Cathy Nosaty (keys) and myself on bass. The finished tracks can be listened to on Soundcloud I look forward to the performance of these songs in the spring. Details TBA.

What is The Lullaby Project? 

The Lullaby Project originally begin in New York City, and was started by the Weill Music Institute (WMI) at Carnegie Hall. Now there are 37 Lullaby Project partner organizations around the world, working together to write lullabies and help parents bond with their babies. 

 The Lullaby Project pairs mothers with songwriters to help them create a personalized lullaby.  The participants are offered a creative opportunity to communicate feelings, hopes, and dreams as they look to the future with their child. Creating and singing lullabies encourages parent-child bonding and helps with early child development. The lullaby creates something special between mother and child that will last a lifetime.

The Toronto Partner – Jessie’s – The June Callwood Centre for Young Women

Jessie’s, located at Queen and Parliament streets in downtown Toronto, supports young mothers and expectant mothers. The centre offers daycare, counselling, career assistance, meals, a respite program, a TDSB-connected high school, and more. Jessie’s serves young mothers 19 years of age and under, and all services are completely free of charge.

Most of the mothers we work with are enrolled in school at Jessie’s Centre. Their teacher gives them high school credits for their participation, and they’re able to work on their lullabies during class time.


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