Jennis album update

The new Jennis album is now in the hands of our esteemed mixer, Dean Drouillard. We’ve had some great guests including Oisin Hannigan (bodhran, riq & daf), Tom Wolf (drums & percussion), Chris Dahmer (accordion & organ) and a kick ass lead guitar track by the incomparable Cécile Doo-Kingué. Several songs also benefit from back-up vocals by Shannon Kingsbury and Tannis Slimmon (AKA Shannis).

We have decided to hold off till fall for the official launch. We are learning more about the whole 21st-century marketing game and realize a spring launch would be too rushed, especially with Dennis heading to Costa Rica for the winter and I head to Gibraltar Point Artscape on Toronto Island for a Canada Council funded composing retreat (toward a 2nd solo album!).

We are in discussions publicity and marketing specialists to help us do it right. We are giving it the time and attention it needs and think it will be worth the wait!


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