HER2 Opens January 13th!

I’ve been nose-down, ears charged and heart exploding while I create all the music and sound design for this new play. This is my second sound design/music composition job for Nightwood Theatre.¬†It’s been an exciting process and the whole fine crew have been co-creating a beautiful piece of theatre. True to form, Maja Ardal has managed to inject a lot of humour into a very serious subject based on her own experience as a cancer survivor. So never fear that a play about a breast cancer drug trial is going to be just a big downer. It’s intense, heart-warming, beautiful, and funny, too!

Opening night is Tuesday, January 13th at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre and the play runs until February 1st.
Further info here.
Tickets can be booked here.

<a href="http://jengillmormusic.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/HER@-Poscard viagra englisch.png” class=”pretty_image” data-rel=”prettyPhoto[2446]”>HER@ Poscard


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