Bhadra Blue Album in Creation Process

Dennis Gaumond and I are in the thick of laying down tracks for our first release as the duo Bhadra Blue. He plays electric and acoustic guitar, dobro, harmonicas, native flute and sings lead. I play cello, didgeridoo and sing back-up. Tom Wolf and Vince Maccarone are coming in to record some percussion. We hope to have it finished by fall and begin to book gigs all over southern Ontario. I will be so happy to get back to regularly entertaining live audiences! I had promised myself when I began working on my solo album that I would take no gigs that required homework or rehearsal until the album was out in the world. I have made a few acceptions to this rule but have basically stuck to the plan.

I am also beginning work on creating a set of material for solo cello that I look forward to presenting live. This will probably take me well into the fall so there won’t be much on my Gig page for a while yet. But then watch out — I’ll be hounding you to come out and have a listen!


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