Artscape Gibraltar Point Residency Has Begun!

I spent the week moving all my gear and supplies to settle into my residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point. What a time for technical problems! I picked up my computer from the shop yesterday only to find a main external hard drive fail on me. But all is up and running now. I am tidying up a few loose ends for the Jennis album project and then shall be diving into the creative process of developing a set of solo material for performance and, eventually, a new solo album. Eke! The blank sonic canvas is staring me in the face!  Excited to see what develops on the theme of my urban-rural half-breed identity. Perfect place to soak up and express what I love about both urban and natural environments.

I shall be cloistering myself here Thursday mornings through Monday afternoons until March 25. See you on the mainland Monday evening through Wednesday afternoon  for a massage (book one and support my creative retreat!) . Otherwise, see you in April!


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